Itohan Asibor

CEO Blue Berry Cakes
Asaba, Nigeria

Being a true African entrepreneur requires grit,
focus, drive, tenacity, and one’s ability to stand out.
One African entrepreneur that has proven herself
worthy over the last decade is Itohan Asibor.
She is the Founder and CEO of Bluberry Cakes –
a leading premium cake and dessert company with
growing competitive edge in the Southern and
Eastern part of Nigeria.
From the humble beginning of her kitchen table,
Itohan over the last 10 years built Bluberry Cakes
into what is today regarded as a multi-million naira
enterprise, defying the predictable failure odds of 5
years twice in a roll.
Today, Itohan is not just an entrepreneur, but also an employer of talents, a change driver, a
conference speaker, and a leading voice in her industry. She is also the founder of THE CAKE
FACULTY – a learning institute where she facilitates the training, mentoring, and coaching of
existing and upcoming bakers in Nigeria on how to build successful cake business.
Running her business for over 10 years has offered Itohan Asibor in-depth experience and rare skill￾set into the harsh world of entrepreneurship, management, and executive leadership – competences
that led her to being named a mentor with the prestigious The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women
in Business, UK.
Itohan Asibor holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the renowned University of Benin,
Nigeria and serves also as a director in Antigua Pharmacies Ltd. While building Bluberry Cakes to
what it is today, she has also unarguably earned herself to being one of Nigeria’s finest female
pharmacists. She is an alumnus of FATE Foundation, EDC of Pan African University, and a
recipient of the prestigious Gold Man Sachs 10,000 Women Scholarship.
Not resting on her many laurels, Itohan believes in staying insatiable in her quest for more quality
education. As an African business player, she prides herself in continuous learning, networking, and
constant tutelage with world-class confectionery artists like Ron Ben Israel, Buddy Valastro (Cake
Boss), and Siku Adewuyi as well as taking several other online business and management courses.
Itohan Asibor holds a full membership status with professional bodies like The Pharmaceutical
Society of Nigeria, The International Federation of Pharmacists, and the International Cake
Exploration Society. But beyond all that, she finds greater purpose in giving back to humanity. Which
is why, in addition to leading her business to new levels, she spends a good part of her time teaching,
mentoring, and coaching younger generation on entrepreneurship, self development, and living a
purpose-driven life.
Itohan Asibor is happily married and blessed with two wonderful children.